Anti Human Trafficking Unit

What is Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking is a crime and a human rights violation. It involves the recruitment, movement and exploitation of a person. The initial consent by a person will be irrelevant if it was obtained by means of fraud, deception or coercion. A child cannot consent to being trafficked. Transporting a child into exploitative conditions constitutes trafficking.

Trafficking is happening worldwide and it exists in Ireland also. People are trafficked into different types of work, including restaurant and hotel work, domestic work, construction, agriculture and entertainment, as well as prostitution and other forms of commercial sexual exploitation. People can also be trafficked for the purpose of illegal organ removal.

Ireland is a member of a European G6 Human Trafficking Initiative designed to ensure that the EU becomes a more hostile environment for criminals engaged in the trafficking of human beings. The other five countries involved in the initiative are the UK, Poland, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands.

Ireland led the awareness raising campaign in relation to human trafficking and has as its central message 'Don't Close Your Eyes to Human Trafficking'.

'Don't Close Your Eyes' and the blue blindfold represents the risk of people having their eyes closed and being unaware of the crime that may be going on around them. Given the nature of the crime, victims may be reluctant and frightened to come forward. In order to combat this modern day form of slavery both the public and the authorities need to be vigilant and aware that the crime may exist in our communities, not just in our larger towns and cities and down dark alleys.

The campaign is designed to encourage the public to share any suspicions or information on this crime with the Gardaí who will then investigate accordingly.

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