Department of Justice and Equality


Gender Equality and the Department of Justice and Equality

The Department of Justice and Equality promotes a fair, tolerant and caring society.

We are committed to initiating and supporting programmes that develop a more caring and tolerant society, where equality of opportunity is promoted and advanced. We continue to develop this work by addressing issues of equality, discrimination, tolerance and diversity in terms of gender, employment, racism, disability and any other sphere requiring attention.

Our obligations in these areas arise not only from Government commitments but also derive from Ireland's membership of international bodies such as the European Union, the Council of Europe, the United Nations and the International Labour Organisation.


The  Department has responsibility for:

  • fostering the achievement of true equality between women and men in Ireland
  • implementing specific commitments in the Programme for Government on gender equality
  • overseeing implementation of the Government’s statement of priorities in relation to the advancement of women in Irish society
  • monitoring national and international commitments on gender equality
  • reporting on gender equality issues for which other Government departments and State agencies are responsible

Our work includes improving female representation at work, in politics, in public appointments and on company boards, tackling violence against women and girls, and engaging with women to strengthen their voice in government.

Government policy in this area includes

  • the provision of a legal framework that provides for equal treatment of women and men
  • the National Strategy for Women and Girls 2017-2020.
  • programmes of positive action measures to enhance women’s skills and to foster their engagement in areas of Irish society and decision-making where they are under-represented.