SAFE Ireland

SAFE Ireland is the national representative body for frontline domestic violence services in Ireland. Members provide a range of services to women and children, as well as advocating for change to maximise protection for women and their children who experience violence in intimate relationships.

 According to SAFE Ireland:

  • 50,077 helpline calls were answered by domestic violence services across Ireland in 2012.
  • 8,449 individual women received support from Domestic Violence Support Services in Ireland in 2012.This figure includes…

o   6,439 individual women who received a wide range of face-to-face supports, including advocacy, emotional and practical support, information, counselling, court accompaniment and/or support groups.

o   1,875 individual women who were accommodated and received a range of other supports in refuge.

o   In total there were 2,324 women admissions to refuges in 2012. 1,262 women were admitted to a refuge more than once in 2012

  • More than 3,606 individual children received support from Domestic Violence services in 2012. This figure includes…

o   2,892 individual children who lived in a refuge and 169 children who lived in transitional housing.

  • In total there were 3,279 children admissions to refuges in 2012.

o   953 children were less than 4 years old including 224 children who were 1 year or younger.

o   130 children were aged between 15 and 18 years.

o    More than 5000 individual women accessed domestic violence services in 2006


Source: SAFE Ireland Domestic Violence Services

National Statistics, 2012